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“Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.”

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If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point.

You have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, the elements, different phases of life. And here you are.

You go, motherfucker. You’re awesome.

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Stop making books into films and start making them into a tv show so we could have a lot more detail to them and they can stick to the book easier.

I thought this was going to make me annoyed but everything turned out better than expected

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People trying to go home, get detained

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i will get more attached to your dog than i am to you

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ads for pads these days are all about how thin and discreet pads are and how no one will ever be tell you’re wearing them wELL HOW ABOUT YOU MAKE THE PACKAGING QUIETER BECAUSE THERE’S NO FUCKING POINT IN HAVING A THIN DISCREET PAD WHEN EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU RIPPING ONE OPEN IN THE SCHOOL BATHROOM

Use the men’s room they won’t expect it

'Who the fuck is eating chips in here?'


Vin Diesel does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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"How do you un-tell something? You can’t. You can’t put words back in your mouth. What you can do is spread false gossip so that people think that everything that’s been said is untrue."

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sexual education really needs to include hours of explaining how genitals actually work and showing pictures of how they can look and how there’s literally NO look that’s gross in any way. sexual education needs to bust myths that people actually think are true, for example that having a lot of sex makes a vagina “loose”. people should not be walking around thinking that shit like that is true when it’s the got dang year 2014.

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Forget the olympics. I watched the Disney Channel games

Why don’t they do this anymore

I just appreciated the fact that they put Corbin Bleu on the blue team


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Jared Padalecki ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

Jensen was clearly enjoying this too much.

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